Disco Pang Pang

Don’t let that cute name fool you!

To those who are unfamiliar, the Disco Pang Pang is an amusement park ride. I have seen it in our university festival in Korea, and inside one of the buildings in the city center of Cheonan.

Watch Lizzy of Kpop girl group After School and unit group Orange Caramel ride the Disco Pang Pang below:

The Disco Pang Pang looks like a disk with railings.  Someone who’s like a DJ plays music and teases the riders before and during the ride. That, with the cheesy music, creates an amusing atmosphere.

So, compared to roller coasters and drop towers, it does not look intimidating.

But before you know it, you are holding on for dear life as the ride rotates round and round, up and down— and there are no seat belts! Some actually slide off their seats and slip to the middle of the disk! After some time, the ride would stop and some people would playfully dance in the middle.

People would laugh and relax… until the chaos starts all over again!

Here is a video of Block B on the ride:

I first experienced Disco Pang Pang in our university spring festival. I underestimated it’s power. But after the ride, my arms were so sore I can’t even high five my friends without wincing in pain.

At least we can put our hands on our bellies as our bodies are still deciding whether to laugh our hearts out, or puke our guts out. :))

Maybe next time I ride the Disco Pang Pang, I’ll invite my friends to take on challenges, just like Park Myung Soo did:

Brushing teeth on the Disco Pang Pang?! As if solely riding it wasn’t a challenge enough! XD



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