Pepero: Peppered with Memories

Yesterday, my boyfriend gave me a box of Pepero. It’s almond, my favorite Pepero variant! And it has this adorable pun at the front of the box:

Isn’t he the sweetest? And isn’t this the cutest? ^^

I turtley love it!!!

Like most Pepero boxes, it has a portion at the back of the box where one can write letters. I think Pepero is a thoughtful gift for special occassions.

For those who are unfamiliar, Pepero is a sweet snack that looks like this:

images (5)
Pepero Almond. Image taken from

Basically, they are biscuit sticks coated with chocolate or something else, depending on the flavor. There’s chocolate, strawberry, cookies and cream, and many more!

As I mentioned, almond is my favorite because I love the crunchy almond bits, which go so well with the chocolate.

Pepero is memorable for my boyfriend and I because I gave him one on the day I agreed for us to be officially a couple! ♥♥♥ I gave him Pepero because the date then was November 11, or Pepero Day.

Pepero Day is observed by some people in South Korea. Those who celebrate it give Pepero to their loved ones on this day. The exact origin of the event is unknown, but one of the most popular stories is that it came from the date it is celebrated, November 11, or 11/11. The number ones on that date resemble the Pepero, that is why it is celebrated on this date.

Besides our anniversary memory, and the recent pun-ny Pepero moment, I also had other Pepero moments in the past.

My guy friend gave my friends and I Pepero on Valentine’s back in 2013.

That was so sweet, especially I was single back then, so I wasn’t expecting to receive any sweets. The sweetness of both the Pepero and the gesture almost made me forget of the bitterness I felt for being single.

Also, I buy my mother Pepero as pasalubong whenever I can. Almond is her favorite, too!

My mother loves Pepero. She often has a stock of it in her room’s food stash, which I am guilty of periodically raiding.

My mother never gets fat even if she loves chocolates and snacks! Lucky her! I’m so envious. T-T But maybe I get fat because I eat most of her food. :))))

Pepero has been present in many sweet moments in my life. I’m looking forward to more memories we will have with Pepero!

To know more about Pepero and other products from Lotte, visit


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