Review: Tokyo Bubble Tea Sakura Unicorn Milkshake

You mean, it’s instagrammable AND yummy?!

I avoid milkshakes because I hate getting sore throats whenever I drink too much of them.

But then, I saw this image from facebook:

Image taken from Tokyo Bubble Tea Ph Facebook page.

Look at those colors! It’s what childhood dreams are made of! How can I resist?!

I did try. But after seeing several friends posted pictures of the Sakura Unicorn Milkshake on Instagram, I was too envious. I just had to have some,too!

So, my boyfriend and I went to Tokyo Bubble Tea at SM Megamall.

We had two flavor choices for the Sakura Unicorn Milkshake: Strawberry and Taro. Since taro is less common, we decided to order this flavor.

We order the large size and shared it between us, because we are a sweet, #relationshipgoals couple like that. Actually, we’re saving money LOL! Also, I’m making myself believe I’m on a diet HAHAHA!

So this is how our Sakura Unicorn Taro Milkshake looked like:

FRONT VIEW. They didn’t put it in a tall glass like the ones in the poster. This one looks like a beer mug. Maybe because it was large sized? Good thing it’s still pretty!
TOP VIEW. Edited with one of my favorite facebook sticker packs,  Emoticat.

The Sakura Unicorn Milkshake consisted of:

  • Taro milkshake (purple)
  • Tapioca balls
  • What I believe to be ice cream (pink, blue, and green)
  • Vanila ice cream
  • Pink, round candy sprinkles
  • The bottom of a cone,coated in white chocolate and rainbow candy sprinkles
  • Edible golden ball. We’re so rich like that, we eat gold! Haha!

It sure looks good, but how about the taste? The Sakura Unicorn Taro Milkshake was creamy and milky. It tastes like molten ice cream! It was sweet, but not too sweet. I expected its sweetness to be overpowering, but it wasn’t, which is a plus!

The Sakura Unicorn Taro Milkshake tasted more like milk than taro. Not that I’m complaining. I wasn’t particularly craving for taro, I just wanted a pretty drink which tastes good, and the Sakura Unicorn Taro Milkshake (yes, I have to include the “Sakura Unicorn” part all the time, because when can I type these words together again? ♥♥♥) deliciously delivers.

The Sakura Unicorn Milkshakes sell for Php155 for medium and Php165 for large, for both strawberry and taro flavors.

By the way, there’s an additional service charge. We ended up paying around Php180, so just do the math, I’m not good with numbers LOL. XD

But it’s okay, the servers were attentive and courteous. They refilled our water multiple times even before we asked for it. I hope they get paid well with the service charge and all, ’cause waiting tables is a hard job, and they have to serve rude customers sometimes too.

I just suggest that if Tokyo Bubble Tea will continue this line of drinks, and not make it a limited edition flavor, then they should invest in more attractive glassware that will go better with the drink. The beer mug just doesn’t suit it that much.

But the drink was a real treat. Overall, we had a good time!

For a list of their branches, and other drinks and food they offer, check out the Tokyo Bubble Tea Ph Facebook page!






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