Katsu Later! Yahoo for Yabu ^^

My boyfriend received his first salary from his new job, so he treated me to a delicious meal!

We went to Yabu at SM Megamall for a late lunch at 4pm (!!!).

Of course by this time we were starving: we were so close to licking the pictures on the Yabu menu! But we managed to remain civilized and ordered two things: Rosu Katsu Set (80g), and Hire Katsu Burger. I chose them carefully, considering umami taste, crunch, and mouthfeel. (Not really, they were just the cheapest LOL.)

Rosu (Pork Loin) Set: Katsu with shredded cabbage, rice, miso soup, and pineapples.

On the menu, Rosu (Pork Loin) Set is described as Thick & juicy pork cutlet with a trimming of fat. This set comes in 180 grams, 120 grams, and 80 grams. We ordered the 80 grams. I worried that it would be too small for my humongous hunger, but it wasn’t; it was enough to split between us, without us feeling deprived!

The description said the katsu said it comes with a *trimming* of fat, but I, with my trust issues and all, thought it has a substantial amount of fat. I guess I’m so used to karinderya porkchops which are mostly thick slabs of fat with a bit of meat. Good thing, I didn’t feel the fat in the Rosu katsu at all. I didn’t get distracted by the jelly-like texture of fat, which I don’t like. Perhaps it was only a thin layer, which only deepened the flavor of the katsu.

Yabu serves unlimited rice, cabbage, soup, and fruits with its set meals. Of course we had these refilled, as we never fail to take advantage unlimited food!

Our other order was the Hire Katsu Burger:

Hire Katsu Burger

According to the menu, the Hire Katsu Burger consists of 3/4-inch thick, crunchy and juicy pork cutlet topped with shredded cabbage, shiso leaves, Japanese pickles, drizzled with soy butter, sando sauce and onion jam, in a brioche bun.

To be honest, I didn’t really read this before ordering. I was too hungry to care. Anything with “burger” on its name can’t possibly go wrong. I researched these ingredients as I was writing the blog. I just expected lettuce, cheese, and ketchup, but when it was served, and when I took my first bite, I was taken by surprise.

Now that I knew the ingredients, it all makes sense now; no wonder the burger is so tasty! It has so many ingredients on it, and most are unfamiliar to me.

The burger arrests the appetite with its unfamiliar, yet mouthwatering, aroma. A bite is an explosion of tastes; a festival for the senses.

A place with katsu as its specialty better be sure it has damn good katsu, and in terms of that, Yabu did not disappoint. Also, with the unlimited rice, cabbage, and fruits, it is assured that you will have your fill and value for your money.

The servers were attentive and polite. They refilled everything without being told.

Of course, the experience was also made special by celebrating with a loved one!

I also had fun because I played a bit. I challenged myself to pick up the smallest bread crumb possible, using chopsticks. People say don’t play with food, but I was just trying to eat slowly, and also buy time and make the moment last longer.

Overall, it was a yahoo for Yabu!

Goodbye for now, katsu! Kastu later!

Yabu: House of Katsu has several branches spread across the metro. Check out their facebook page here!


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